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With 1752Builder, companies can create IPC 1752A Declarations for their parts and products, without having to know programming languages like XML.

1752Builder is free and easy to use!

Enter your part, material and substance data, select the appropriate regulations, then save and download the file. All the XML is generated behind the scenes. All data is purged from the system within 3 days of being entered.

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1752Builder is a free PTC product and is not affiliated with IPC. Being a free tool, no official support is available for this tool. PTC’s goal is to improve supply chain communications for the use and management of materials and substances. By doing this, we enable companies to better assess their environmental impact and compliance obligations. PTC participates in the IPC standards committees and helps bring customer feedback to the development of new data collection standards. IPC is solely responsible for the development and release of the 175x series standards.